2017 (4)

Oil on paper and wood panel
93cm (W) x 66cm (H) x 0.3cm (D)
Sidney Nolan’s landscapes of the Victorian bush and countryside inspired these eight panel paintings. They encapsulate how the cultivated farmlands are separated from the terrifying wilderness simply by a fence, but also manifest the tremendous chance at freedom that emanates from that wilderness.
“See that there he pointed. That is called the Crosscut Saw and that one is Mount Speculation and yonder is Mount Buggery and that other is Mount Despair did you know that?
No Harry.
You will and you’ll be sorry.”
Peter Carey, ‘The True History of the Kelly Gang’

2017 (6)

Mixed Media
91cm (W) x 76cm (H) x 6cm (D)
A modern reinterpretation of Andrew Wyeth’s 1948 composition “Christina’s World”.

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