January 2015 010

J.E. Thomas (2014), “Nothing can surprise me now, nothing can astonish or alarm me now…”

January 2015 009

J. E. Thomas, 2014, “All is asleep…”


May 2015 008

J.E. Thomas, 2014, “Like the grieving sea, the human race weeps incessantly and a tear is the lens of eternity…”


The sun passes over 009.JPG

J. E. Thomas, 2015, “The sun passes over and warms the Earth…”


December 2015 005

J. E. Thomas, 2015, “Can you forget what happened before?”


march 2015 003

J. E. Thomas, 2016, “Who are you? Where did you live? How old were you when the blood bent warlord laid waste to your land?”

July 2016 016


J. E. Thomas, 2016, “Things change we never know why- with the zigzag speed of a long- winged fly…”