“My whole life as an artist has been nothing other than a continual struggle against the forces of reaction and the death of art.” PICASSO

( Levy, L.1990:95)

Pablo Picasso was one of the pre-eminent artists of the twentieth century. He and his work was the subject of unending analysis, gossip, dislike, adoration and rumour. Due to the advent of global mass media, no other painter or sculptor had been as famous as this through their own lifetime (Hughes, R., www.time.com). His work expanded continually through experimentation and innovation right up to his death at the age of ninety-two. The public saw him as the ‘archetypal modernist’ (Hughes, R. www.time.com) but unlike Modernists such as Kandinsky or Mondrian, his work is full of sensation, desire and metaphor conveyed with a tremendous plastic force. Because of the prodigiousness of his output and his many explorations into different media…

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