And was Jerusalem builded here

   among these dark Satanic mills?

  William Blake, 1804


These lines from Blake’s poem refer to a period of great change in the Western world – the Industrial Revolution. At this time two of England’s greatest Romantic landscape painters were to emerge, each with a distinct viewpoint from which they addressed their work. In this essay I will expound the idea that these two landscape artists painted their worlds from respective utopian and dystopian views. The concept of utopia is a state where everything is for the best and all is in harmony. Contrarily, the concept of dystopia is a state where everything is as bad as it possibly could be. Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775- 1851) revealed a more inquisitive attitude toward industrialization, whereas John Constable (1776-1837) was far more nostalgic and wistful for an Englandof another time. Constable’s view…

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